About Us

NaaSheka is a fusion of afrocentric and western influence, a blend of the two heritages.  With the use of traditional West African textiles into a high quality comfortable line.  The two collections are street wear/lifestyle and an exclusive collection called the “48” limited and hand crafted in Ghana, West Africa. These pieces are truly unique, 48 pieces of each fabric or design are not produced again after the entering the market.  

As you might notice there are different names for the products, they are words from the “Ga” dialect from Ghana. The name Naa Sheka is a traditional name from the Ga tribe in from the Accra region of Ghana.  The true definition is “Lady Money” we hope you find prosperousness in your purchase. 

Fashion, Passion & Consciousness is our motto, we feel it is important to give back to communities, a % of profits help build libraries in Ghana, West Africa.