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Afrobeat Rooftop Video Shoot

2020 has been a year, safe to say. While this past year questioned out energy and mood, we all had to do whatever it was to keep out spirits up. This meant, taking our ideas to new heights, and that is exactly what we did.

In the fall of 2020, we collaborated with Local Dance hall and Soca instructor and fitness guru, Venom (@Venomaliance), JarettLopez (@JarrettLopez), and the team at  Studio 710 in Downtown, Vancouver, to film a promotional video and photo shoot with our hoodie collection ahead of our launch.

Now, if you have lived, visited, or know Vancouver – you know the weather is no joke. All week, the forecast said it would be raining. Classic Vancouver fashion that is all that happens for a good portion of the year (some would even take that over the “snow” we receive. Fortunately, after slight rainfall, the weather came through, blue skies were appearing and we were able to go ahead with our outdoor, rooftop shoot.

We were able to produce an amazing videos involving dance and the Djembe drum, giving you that authentic Ghanaian touch.  Special thanks to Lucas Romero(@Luucasromero) and Wes Bookland (@Booklandshoots). There was good energy all around. These are our 2 videos we created on Youtube. 

What video was your favourite and why? Let me know and Comment below.

– Naa Sheka